Top 30. Keep Voting! New site looking awesome:) Happy Fathers Day! 

Hello Everyone!! 

    First of all, Happy Fathers Day to all of my host dads out there! Many of you have been great figures to me in my life, and I have no doubt there’s a little of my dad in each and every one of you:) 

      Second, I’m TPI LEVEL 1 certified!! Anxious to screen you and help your game:)💪🏼💪🏼

   Continuing, first draft of the new site looks awesome, and photo shoot in 3 days will provide some great media:) Thank you to some new sponsors: Next Door Wine and Bump and Run Apparel. Discount codes coming soon:) Can’t ever go wrong with some great wine and cute clothes:) 

I’ve made it to the top 30 in my group for the Miss JetSet competition!!! I’ve raised a lot of awareness and donations for the B+ Foundation, for children with cancer. Make your donation today by visiting

You all have kept me #1 for Oklahoma, but let’s take me to #1 of the whole competition. Top 10 contributors go with me to Scottsdale for the Red Carpet event in September. For all voters, a win will bring a party at Gaillardia country club in Okc. Let’s do it! Incentives and prizes to be awarded soon. Vote every day for free through FB or $1 = 1 vote! 

Thank you! 


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