Back in Melbourne…..Florida:) Happy Easter 🐇🌷 and Goodbye to 27:) 


Happy Easter!!! 

Well the last two weeks have been some much needed R&R, quality time with my family and coach/mentor, Buck, and many rounds of golf! I’m here in Melbourne, Florida for my first Suncoast event of the year at the Harmony Preserve! I’ll be playing the next Monday through Wednesday for the next 3 weeks on the Suncoast Tour so be sure and check out their website!!!! I’ve attached a link on my home page.    


Buck and I at Escondido Golf Club, Marble Falls, TX 



I’ve decided to grow with this blog a bit and answer any questions you may have! I’ve had a few requests for my “daily routine” or what exactly I do when I workout..even some Vision54 questions. So first question I get, I’ll post the answer! Ask away:) 

Also, I’m saying goodbye to 27. Tomorrow this girl turns 28, and I can, with great ease, say I am the happiest I have ever been:) I’m headed in a great direction with my golf, and I have found a lot of peace throughout some hardships over the last few years. I grew as a person in Australia and continue to become only stronger as life goes on! Of course, I wish dad were here, but I have no doubt he’s shoved a couple of those putts in for me along the way:) 


I’m so blessed to have WinStar as my home and a part of my extended family! They have provided an environment that has exceeded my expectations of what a positive support system should be. From the amazing staff, kind/support-filled words, and unmatched energy to the technology and access to a great facility/academy/course, I’m so honored to represent them. Thank you WinStar!  

Thank you again for all of your support! First round tomorrow!! 


I’ll end with a quote from Buck that I got before I went to Australia….screenshot and saved:) 

Be back soon!! 


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  1. Posted by Lloyd on April 7, 2015 at 3:44 am

    Hey Sydney, I hope you had a great birthday and all the best for the Suncoast events.

    Lloyd (NZ)


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