Hello Everyone!!

   OK…..here’s my update of the last few months and a promise to stay up-to- date with my site so I can stay in touch with my fans, those who mean so much to me! I have moved to Thackerville, OK, home of WinStar World Casino, the largest casino in the world. I have been blessed to have them as my primary sponsor in order to help me pursue my career.  Since the move, I have put a valuable effort into creating a stronger mind, body, and game.  With the help of my swing coach, Buck Mayers, I have worked to develop my swing even more into something I can trust at any moment. I’m so excited to put my added distance and creativity to the test!!!

  Having just returned a few days ago from Scottsdale, AZ, I AM SO EXCITED to say how powerful Vision 54 was to my mind and my game. Through the vision that you can birdie every hole, unleash your potential, believe in umlimited opportunities, and realize your abilites, it was a missing piece to my puzzle. For those of you wanting to reach your potential in ANY field (as they have worked with fighter pilots, doctors, lawyers, etc…), look into VISION 54 with Pia and Lynn. They have 3 books available and will open your mind to what you can achieve. It’s awesome…did I say that already?!!

    Next on the update……It’s official…I’m headed to Australia for the 2015 Australian Tour!! I head out beginning of January and won’t be home until middle of March…an experience, opportunity, and dream I CAN NOT wait to embark upon:) Don’t worry…I will definitely keep all of you updated with photos and my progress as I live and compete in a country that I’ve wanted to explore for way too long!

  In 2015, I plan to play in Australia, Canada, pursue events on the Suncoast Tour (based out of Florida), and tackle LPGA Monday Qualifiers (in hopes to put at least one LGPA event on the schedule). 

Last, I want to thank everyone for your continued support and faith in me:). I have been a huge believer in creating a mantra in order to tackle my week, month, year, etc..so I will be sharing those with you as well..in hopes you can live even one day better because of something you read here on this site. I plan to give this year my all, with a strong focus on the process of reaching my full potential. I look forward to the new adventures, and I can’t wait to develop a deeper relationship with you….my team:)


Thank you, and talk to you soon!


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  1. Posted by Lloyd and Mary Ness on December 19, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    So happy and excited for you!! We will follow you throughout your dream. Wish we could have connected while you were in Scottsdale. We live in Tubac Golf/Resort/ Spa and you are always welcome here. Again,we wish you the best and look forward to following you. Mary and Lloyd


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