Some Definite Positives

Well…I shot another 74, but I missed the cut by 1.  People say, “O geez! I’d rather miss the cut by 10 than by 1!” My reply to that..why? I didn’t play my best golf at all, and I only missed it by1. That means I’m right there. I’m that close to really getting to where I want to be:)  The 74 was a grind for sure, but it was still pretty good golf overall. I had 2 bogeys through 7 holes and parred the last 11. No birdies, which is pretty strange for my game. I just couldn’t get anything going, but I’m proud that I kept grinding through it. It’ll come. I saw a lot of improvements from last year to this year, so I’m excited to keep playing and keep traveling!

My overall look at this tournament. I’m not going to let any tournament or any round get me down anymore. I let every moment of last year really tear me apart, and I continually put more and more pressure on myself to prove something. I know the player I am, and I know that I’m making the right changes and improvements to become a stronger competitor. I’m constantly learning, constantly growing, and definitely moving  in the right direction. I will conquer my mind, and one day I will make it on the LPGA:)

Last, but not least, I’ve got an audition/interview for the BigBreak on March 31 in Daytona Beach, FL!! Keep your fingers crossed!

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