First Futures Tour Event!!

I’m here in Winter Haven, Florida for the first LPGA Futures Tour event of the year and couldn’t be more excited! Like I’ve been saying for weeks, I’m so ready to be in the SUN and get on some green grass!!  Oklahoma has been either cold and/or crazy windy, all mixed in with dead dry grass. So first thing is first, I flew in Wednesday all to have no clubs show up. Awesome.  It turned out to be a good thing though. My good friend and old teammate, Ashley Sholer (Canada), who picked me up from the airport, invited me out to Bay Hill. Can’t pass that opportunity up so having no clubs turned out to be ok. I had no doubt they’d show up anyway.  We went out and watched Mr. Palmer play a couple holes.  I’ve never seen him before in person, so it truly was an experience. He was playing with Rascal Flatts, so needless to say, it was a good group to watch.  We saw other players such as Ernie, Graeme, Phil, Rocco, etc. It was awesome!  That night I met my host family. Great people! Mr. and Mrs. Luxford:) Then later that night, my clubs showed up:)

Next morning, 8am shotgun practice round. I played well. I feel like the more I play this course, the more I start to appreciate it and enjoy it.

Today was my first round. 8:45 am!  I started out 2 over after 2:(…but I brought it back! I birdied #3 , par 3, made an awesome bogey( that sounds horrible but it was) on 5, made about a 25 foot slinger birdie onthe next par3, #6, stupid bogey on #8 and an awesome par on 9. It was definitely a scrambled 2 over, but I knew I was putting great, and the birdies were going to come. Well….they didn’t, but I did make 9 straight pars on the back. I hit 8 out of 9 greens and didn’t have a birdie putt outside of 20 feet. If I would have just made half of my putts, I could’ve gone so low! It was awesome seeing myself just make fearless swings at targets.  The putts weren’t falling, but I was making great strokes. Needless to say, it’s there, and I’m excited to see the progress in my mind and my game. They will most definitely fall tomorrow. 🙂 Tee times aren’t posted yet,but I will for sure be in the afternoon. To view live scoring, just click on the Futures Tour link on my page, and it will take you to the website. On the top right, it says LIVE SCORING! Click on that, and watch me move up the leaderboard!!

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